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Description: This is another personal video from the videos my ex sent me. This was when my ex boyfriend was practicing videography with his new 4k camera. He used to constantly tell me I should do porn which ultimately led me to start doing live cam shows with him. Strangely enough it was when we separated that I began to want to do porn.. but not with just anybody. I will one day find someone to make new porn with me but here are my videos for now that we made. To be honest I seen it as an opportunity to perfect my skills with my hands, my face & lips, eyes, dripping wet pussy and big ass. I love being wrapped tight in pantyhose and stockings I feel sexy and so smooth. I rubbed myself with oil all over my tits and ride your cock looking deep into your eyes. I am your queen obey me. My king has left and we are alone at last. I want you to lay there and look up at my huge tits bouncing in your face. I want you to see my passion I have built up. I want to ride you reverse cowgirl until you nearly explode then make you beg me to let you to cum. Feel my silky shiny tight pantyhose. I wear a gold crown as I am the best at what I do. Don't deny me. Allow me to be the one who sucks it out of you tonight. I am worth it and you worked hard now enjoy me.. all of me
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